Patriot Prayer Organizer: Don’t Fight Back When Antifa Attacks, ‘Respond in Love

“This is how we will win.”

The man behind the Patriot Prayer rallies says it's time to be like Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. when it comes to reacting to Antifa violence. 

“It takes courage to take a beating, to take a beating and to not respond in hatred, but to respond in love,” Joey Gibson said to his followers ahead of another set of scheduled marches in Oregon. “This is how we will win over Portland. This is how people will turn on Antifa, and we will finally have a right, a privilege to march in Portland, or any of these areas, once the left and the media begin to call them out.”

In the video above, Gibson can be seen, along with his friend Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, being attacked by Antifa and run out of Berkeley. They practiced what they preached and left peacefully. 

Perhaps that technique had the intended impact because after that rally was when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi finally came out and condemned Antifa. Though Pelosi characterized Gibson’s group as “white supremacists,” Gibson says turning the other cheek will prove they’re not just “a bunch of extremists.”

“So many people were so disgusted about how they treated us,” Gibson added. “The liberals were literally standing around with peace signs and love signs while Antifa is just yelling and cussing and beating the crap out of us and pepper-spraying us.”

Gibson, though,  believes that leftists who are suddenly condemning Antifa are “just trying to cover their asses.” However, he sees a change coming as long as violence doesn’t remain the focus for those on the Right:

“If we would have gone in there and just had a huge fight, huge brawls, it would have been like, ‘See, we need to shut down these rallies. We need to shut down these rallies; they’re just a bunch of extremists.’”

Of course, Antifa declared “victory” in Berkeley, but Mayor Jess Arreguin issued a condemnation of the terrorist group: “They believe they’re defending themselves and others, but what I saw on Sunday is they were the aggressors.”

Other left-wing activists say Gibson’s “Reverse Selma” strategy is working because it helps the rest of America see the violence is one sided. If Gibson’s group can hold freedom marches and get the crap beat out of them, the thinking goes, they will find supporters more quickly and avoid untrue branding by the media.

Gibson is leading two marches in Portland this next weekend: the Peaceful Portland Freedom March and the Texas Donation Drive.

H/T Washington Times