Pat Smith: I Was Treated Like Dirt by Hillary

"I don't want her to be president. She kills people."

Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith who was killed in the Benghazi terrorist attack almost four years ago, is taking issue with Hillary Clinton once again and questioning her elevation of the Khan family at the Democratic National Convention while families like hers are ignored.

"I was treated like dirt. I don't think the Khan family was treated that way," Smith said.

Smith, along with family members of other Benghazi heroes, have been steadfast in claiming the Hillary Clinton lied to them about the deaths of their loved ones, blaming the deaths on a YouTube video when she knew it was a planned and coordinated terrorist attack.

"I was called a liar. She went on TV many times nodding her head thinking that she is so wonderful, and she knows everything and I know nothing and I was just imagining this. I don't imagine my son getting killed," Smith said.

Smith told CNN that when she has asked for answers about her son's death she has been told that because she is not immediate family they cannot release any information to her. Smith wondered if the Khan family got the same treatment and what Hillary Clinton said to them.

Appearing this weekend on Fox News Sunday, Clinton said that Smith must not remember everything that she told her due to the grief that she is going through.

Smith had her own short response on CNN:

"I don't want her to be president. She kills people."