Parliament Member: White Britons Need to Learn from Muslims to Make a Better UK

So, British natives are the problem. Got it.

Conservative member of Parliament Anna Soubry thinks the United Kingdom would be a better country if only white citizens would learn more from the Muslim community.

Soubry offered this dastardly idea when speaking at a recent Muslim holiday celebration of Eid-ul-Adha, or feast of the sacrifice, which honored Halimah Khaled, “the first person of colour and first Muslim to be elected mayor in her [majority white] Nottinghamshire constituency,” reports HuffPost UK

″She is British through and through and she happens to be a Muslim, and she is proud of her faith, and rightly so,” Soubry gushed. “And my goodness me, she and members of her community could teach many white British people many a good thing. And if my community, such as as it is, learned more from your community, this country would be a better country.”

Soubry also sits on the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims which seeks to put a legal definition of Islamophobia on the books. She believes “ignorance” is the key factor in the rise of hate crimes around the UK.

“She said many white British people had lost their faith and that the importance of respecting other faiths and cultures must be instilled in young people,” the report adds.

Soubry joins other members of government in blaming the Brexit vote for causing rifts and divisions among Britons.

It’s not clear what Soubry thinks white people are going to learn from their Muslim neighbors, but perhaps they could learn how to hate Western culture, or how to hold a knife properly for slicing throats, or how to ensure a suicide vest goes off for another successful terror attack around Britain.