Over Half of Hillary’s DoS Meetings Were With Donors

The plot thickens… again.

The Associated Press is reporting that over half of the meetings between Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and people outside of the government were Clinton Foundation donors, displaying yet another level of ethics violations committed by the career politician. 

Clinton either met personally or had phone conversations with 154 people while at the State Department. At least 85 of those people made donations and pledges either directly or through various organizations during the same time period. 

From The Hill:

The 85 donors contributed $156 million to the charity, with at least 40 donating more than $100,000 each and 20 giving more than $1 million, according to the review.
The AP said that the meetings apparently didn't violate legal agreements that Clinton and former President Bill Clinton signed before she served in the Obama administration starting in 2009.

Also included in the report are meetings with at least 16 foreign governments. It’s assumed these meetings pertained to state business despite those governments donating $170 million to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons have promised that the foundation will no longer accept foreign or corporate donations if Hillary is elected. Bill, if he becomes First Gentleman, has also agreed to step away from the Foundation.

However, it’s too late at this point to run away from the Clinton corruption machine.