OkCupid Says 'Okay' to Abortion

Dating just got a whole lot grislier.

Popular dating site OkCupid introduced a new filter on Monday to help users bond over what the site called "a shared cause," according to Newsbusters -- abortion.

While early romance may typically involve discussion over similar plans for having children, OkC lovers looking for partners can, for the month of September, connect with potential partners who have a common interest in aborting them.

As stated in a Medium.com article posted by OKCupid, the dating app chose the partnership with Planned Parenthood because "a shared cause is sexy."

The app’s sponsorship of the federally-funded chain of abortion clinics won the immediate affection of one celebrity: Chelsea Handler.

“This partnership was a no-brainer for me,” Handler remarked. "OkCupid is doing their part by giving people a place to connect on topics that matter."

According to Medium:

“The badge will read ‘#IStandWithPP’ and will be prominently displayed on the profile of every OkCupid member who has publicly responded ‘no’ to the question ‘Should the government defund Planned Parenthood?’ And that’s a lot of people; over 80% of respondents have said ‘no’ so far, and the question is garnering hundreds of new responses every day.”

Melissa Hobley, CMO of OkCupid, gushed, “We know that Planned Parenthood is driving conversations, support and education that millions care about.”

She didn't mention the fact that it's also doing things that millions deplore.

Since “a shared cause is sexy” and the issue of abortion is important to many, let’s see if OKCupid will continue to honor those ideas by making October Pro-life Badge Month.