Officer Responding to Crash Scene Shot Dead by Person Trapped in Vehicle

No official motive, yet, but who wants to bet cop hate had something to do with it?

An Indiana police officer was murdered by a man trapped inside a crashed vehicle as he was responding to the scene.

On Thursday afternoon, Lt. Aaron Allan, 38, of the Southport Police Department near Indianapolis, responded to a call of a crash with people trapped inside. As he approached the overturned vehicle to render aid, shots were fired from inside which hit Allan multiple times. He later died at the hospital. An off-duty officer was also on the scene and returned fire, striking one of the occupants with a non-life threatening injury.

The shooter, who also survived the crash and shoot out, has been identified as 28-year-old Jason Brown. So far, no picture or description of the suspect has been released, nor his motive.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett the officer’s death is “a shocking and tragic reminder of the difficult, often dangerous work of police officers.”

Allan had almost 20 years of law enforcement experience and was awarded the officer of the year distinction in 2015 as a reserve officer with the Southport PD, according to CBS 4. He became the town’s first full-time officer in Southport in January. Besides one other full-time officer, the rest are volunteer.

Police Chief Tom Vaughn talked about Allan’s nickname on the force, which he didn’t really love:

“He actually had a nickname, teddy bear, and that’s because he tried to act real macho but as soon as someone needed help he was one of the first guys there. He got nicknamed that, he didn’t always like that nickname, but it fit him that was who he really was.”

Allan is survived by his wife and two children. He died on his son’s first day back to school. He had walked his boy to the bus stop that morning.