Obama’s Legacy: First Drag Queen Performance at White House

This made “herstory.” Get it?

President Obama can add another accomplishment to his legacy: the White House just hosted its first-ever drag queen performance.

A Washington D.C.-based drag performer named Shi-Queeta-Lee dressed up like Tina Turner and delivered a rendition of the Turner classic "Proud Mary" which included acrobatic moves like the splits and the collection of dollar tips from an excited audience. The entire event was livestreamed at WhiteHouse.gov.

Shi-Queeta-Lee was invited to the White House’s Transgender Community Briefing which was organized to “unite transgender leaders and other community members to discuss policy issues affecting the transgender community [and] celebrate cultural accomplishments.”

Video posted to YouTube exclaims, “American drag queen Shi-Queeta just made herstory, baby!”

Out.com praised the herstoric (?) moment calling the White House “a gayer place” thanks to Obama:

The White House has certainly been a gayer place these last few years, not just because President Obama and his administration stopped fighting the Defense of Marriage Act, repealed Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and supported federal marriage equality—but also because that administration has a strong LGBTQ presence which informs its commitment to equality.