Obamacare Victim's Mom Demands Apology from Reid

"I would like him to pay $30,000 and make that donation to the Angioma Alliance and apologize to me and to the American people."

A mother whose daughter was victimized by the provisions of Obamacare appeared on Fox and Friends on Friday to demand an apology from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) who opined on the Senate Floor Wednesday that all of the Obamacare horror stories were lies.

Eileen Benthal’s 17-year-old daughter, Johannah, was born with congenital malformations in her brain requiring 89 separate surgeries so far in her short life. Johannah's mom explained that thanks to Obamacare, the family lost their plan, all their out-of-state coverage, their doctors, and had to choose from three insurance plans on the New York Exchange that were “far less superior to the options we had.”

When asked how she found out about Reid's charge of falsehood, Mrs. Benthal explained:

My husband, knowing that I had been very busy in the pediatric ICU with my daughter, sent me the link yesterday. I was so offended. You know, here I was sitting at my daughter’s bedside, and knowing I spent the last three months, more than a part-time job for me to secure insurance after out termination that happened in the fall. So I have worked diligently and advocated for the health care that we once had which we don't have anymore. And it's taken a lot of effort and time and difficulty. We have lost one doctor and lost all coverage out of New York State. I didn't realize that we had three minor options. They are far less superior to the options that we had.

(...)What’s really funny is that before I got the call from Fox News I posted to my Facebook page “Really Harry Reid I would with like you to come to the PicU and say those words to my face. It inspired a lot of people to have this conversation. I thought about it at 1:00 this morning. Today is rare disease day. We have a CCM at the University of Chicago that our insurance company last year paid $28,000 for my daughter to have specific neurodiagnostic tests that are run for research on cavernous malformations. This year we have no out of state coverage as of March 1, tomorrow.

When Benthal was asked what she would like to tell Harry Reid, she called for him to apologize and "put his money where his mouth is":

What is on my heart is I would like Harry Reid, if he has any ounce of regret for the words he has said and the offense he has made to Americans like us who are struggling, I challenge you to make a donation to the Angioma Alliance in honor of Johanna Benthal. Because it’s the Angioma Alliance now, a private grassroots organization that is looking for a cure for cavernous malformations. They are going to have to pay for her care at University of Chicago this year. So I would like for him to put his money where his mouth is. Last year year our insurance company paid $27,000 to have this testing done. I would like him to pay $30,000 and make that donation to the Angioma Alliance and apologize to me and to the American people.