Obama Staffer: President Trump is 'Constitutionally Incapable'

"I just think it's really sad."

In the months preceding the 2016 election, Obama's White House was aware of Russian attempts at interference; however, there wasn't much done to stop it. Still, Alyssa Mastromonaco, Obama's former Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations, took to MSNBC to mourn President Trump's lack of effort to do more about Russia.

Speaking on Deadline: White House, she told Nicolle Wallace that Trump's dismissive attitude toward Russia was "really sad." Angry that Trump had recently targeted Obama on Twitter, the former White House staffer claimed that the Commander-in-Chief is "constitutionally incapable":

"It's your bag. Pick it up, you know? Does that mean that now he doesn't have to do anything? So, I mean, for most of us, I just think it's really sad to see someone who literally is constitutionally incapable of being a President and leading. And if he really did care about what Russia did, why didn't he start a commission? Start a commission."

Wow. Mastromonaco doesn't seem to be constitutionally capable herself, recently posting to Twitter a complete nose-thumb toward the 2nd Amendment:

Mastromonaco seemed to have overlooked the fact that the right to bear arms was passed as part of the greater Bill of Rights; does she consider freedom of speech -- or freedom of assembly -- to be as outmoded as bloodletting? How could someone who served in the White House be this condescending toward our rights as Americans? Oh, right -- she's a Democrat.

And yet it is Trump who is "constitutionally incapable." Just pitiful.