Obama Made Statements on Muhammad Ali, Ramadan, None on D-Day

He tells us again, time and again, who he is and what he stands for.

 President Obama has revealed his true colors and intentions time and time again and this past D-Day anniversary was no exception. 

The blog Weasel Zippers posted a list of the public statements on President Obama's schedule spanning June 4 to June 6. As you can see below, the president had time to address zoning designations for "tribal communities," the passing of Muhammad Ali, and of course, the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.

Glaringly absent from his speaking-roster is D-Day.

WZ astutely noted that neither did Obama make a statement "on the death of the 9 soldiers from Fort Hood who were tragically lost in flooding in Texas last week."

But this is classic Barack Obama. Let it never go unsaid he didn't tell all of us who he really is, and what he stands for.