Obama Going to Alaska to Save the Earth

"The frontlines of our fight against climate change."

In August, President Obama is heading to Alaska for his latest fossil fuel-burning stop to combat the effects of man-made climate change. There, he will initiate the first strike against the coming apocalypse: he will hold a discussion with local residents. And if you are lucky enough to have signed up for the updates, the White House will send you pictures and videos from his trip!

The president calls Alaska "the frontlines of our fight against climate change." In the video, Obama states that climate change used to be a problem for future generations, but it's happening now and the effects are being felt by people everywhere. And in Alaska, he said, it is threatening the way of life for residents, businesses, and wildlife.

"When I'm there," Obama said, "I'll meet with Americans who are dealing with climate change every day."

He also promises to talk to other nations about tackling these challenges together.

Over pictures of melting ice, drifting ice, and floating ice, Obama sends out the following warning: 

Because what's happening in Alaska isn't just a preview of what will happen to the rest of us if we don't take action, it's our wake up call. The alarm bells are ringing and as long as I am president, America will lead the world to meet this threat before it's too late.

Watch the preview below: