Obama Admin: Fight with ISIS ‘Just A War of Narratives

Huh? Come again?

The Obama administration believes our fight with ISIS simply boils down to a “war of narratives.” From White House press secretary Josh Earnest to Secretary of State John Kerry, the administration’s mission is being careful not to paint Islamic terrorism with a “broad brush” and to counter the Islamic State’s bogus “mythology.”

On Monday, Earnest stopped by CNN’s New Day to talk about the recent terror attacks in New York and New Jersey and revealed just how clueless the administration is:

"When it comes to ISIL, we are in a fight, a narrative fight with them, a narrative battle, and what ISIL wants to do is they want to project that they are an organization that is representing Islam in a fight and a war against the West, and a war against the United States. That is a bankrupt, false narrative. It’s a mythology, and we have made progress in debunking that mythology…

“We can’t play into this narrative that somehow the United States or the West is fighting against the Muslim religion. The fact is there are millions of patriotic Muslims in this country right now that make our country proud. They serve in our armed services. They serve in our law enforcement … These are individuals who make a substantial and positive contribution to our country, and that is an inconvenient fact for the ISIL narrative.”

Earnest, Kerry, President Obama, and other leaders of the current White House are hell-bent on fighting ISIS, not with weapons of mass destruction, but with the gentle blows from a “counter-narrative.”

The Washington Free Beacon has edited a supercut that puts this policy weakness on vivid display. Watch above.