NYC Taxpayers Billed $180K for Muslim Women Forced to Remove Hijabs for Mug Shot

I thought we were supposed to treat everyone equally?

A settlement was reached for three Muslim women who sued New York City over having to take off their hijabs for mug shots. A total of $180,000 will be paid out to the women, each receiving $60,000 a piece. Not a bad haul for having to show your entire face during bookings like the rest of NYC does for free.

One of the women, a high school student identified in court documents only as “G.E.,” was arrested in 2012 for fighting with two other girls because she though they were spreading rumors. No criminal case went to trial, New York Daily News reports, but her civil rights suit against the city centered on the fact that she was “forced” to remove her Islamic garb. G.E. told the court that she felt “exposed, violated and distraught” while she sat in front of male police officers and prisoners to have her picture taken.

The two other women who sued said they were also “forced” to remove their head scarves — one at the booking center and another at the scene of her arrest, “where she was knocked unconscious in an altercation with a neighbor over a parking spot,” the report notes.

In addition to the payout, the New York Police Department has instituted new policies on hijabs and other religious headcoverings for those who refuse to remove the garments. Officers must tell the person they have a choice to take the mug shot in a private area by a member of the same sex.

Isn’t it strange how everyone demands equal treatment under the law until they need specialized treatment for themselves? Leftists always want it both ways.