NSA: Hey Kids! Get A Job With Us and You Too Can Spy on Your Parents!

A REAL site from the NSA

Hey kids! Tired of getting caught spying on your parents? Well head on over to the NSA's all new CryptoKids website and let Crypto Cat, Decipher Dog and the rest of the gang teach you how to spy undetected! 

Let's meet some of the gang:

When a secret needs to be kept, you have to find a way to protect it!

So says Crypto Cat who is an expert in cryptography. A fuzzy-faced 15 year old, Crypto Cat grew up near a Navajo Indian reservation and learned how to use code to speak the native language. Once her teachers at school discovered her ciphers, she came up with harder codes that even they couldn't crack! When she's not cracking codes, she devotes her extra time volunteering for the special needs swim team for her sister, who has Down's Syndrome.

Every dawg has his day.

That is Decipher Dog's catchphrase. Decipher Dog, or D-Dog for short, is Crypto Cat's best friend. His stepmother is a network engineer for the NSA. At 15, Decipher Dog built an entire wireless network in his house. Using the network, he can spy on all seven members of his family and see who is using the network and which programs they are using!

The Internet is totally KEWL.

T. Top is a 14-year-old, hearing impaired, internet whiz being raised by his single mom. Hip-hop turtle T. Top says, "In the world of diplomacy, knowing what your enemy is planning helps you to prepare. But it is important that your enemies do not know what you have planned."

Snow leopard Cyber Twins Cy and Cyndi are head of cybersecurity. They want to make sure that no one figures out online passwords or gains access to the important stuff on personal computers.

And along with 30-year-old team leader eagle, CSS Sam - a military intelligence officer stationed a the NSA/CSS headquarters in Ft. Meade, Maryland - the CryptoKids want to figure out what the bad guys are planning!

Head on over to the CryptoKids website and try your skills at codebreaking. And if any of you kids are interested in working for the NSA and becoming "Future Codemakers & Codebreakers," click the "How Can I Work for NSA?" tab and look at the student resources.

But most importantly, know your enemies - they could be anywhere!

Brought to you by NSA.gov kids.