NRA Uses ‘Parks and Recreation’ GIF, Cast and Co-Creator Attack

Hollywood doesn't want fans of the conservative spectrum.

After National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch was finished defending the pro-gun organization at the witch hunt that was the CNN town hall on guns, the Twitter account for the NRA sent a “thank you” to her for “being the voice of over 5 million” members. A GIF accompanied the note featuring Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, from NBC’s hit series Parks and Recreation mouthing “thank you.” That didn’t go over well with the show’s co-creator and some members of the cast who have a lot of pent-up hate for the NRA.

Here’s the NRA’s tweet:



And here is the barrage of profanity-laced hate tweets. First from the show’s co-creator, Michael Schur:





Continuing the hate-fest was Nick Offerman, who played the mustached Ron Swanson, himself an internet meme staple:



Another actor from the show wants the NRA to stay far away from the show he worked on:


It appears that these actors and show creators want one particular kind of fan and that obviously doesn’t include conservatives.