NPR: Justin Timberlake's 'White Privilege' 'Not a Good Look for 2018'

"It’s really, in some ways, not his fault. It’s just who he is.”

In case you're one of the many millions of Americans who boycotted the Super Bowl this last Sunday over the NFL's ongoing disrespect of its fans and the national anthem, the halftime show featured pop star/actor Justin Timberlake. On Monday's All Things Considered on National Public Radio, music critic Ann Powers dismissed his performance, according to Breitbart, as being “not right for this moment” due to Timberlake's "white privilege."

“[T]he entire performance was shrouded in the sense of Timberlake not being right for this moment  — and the Janet Jackson controversy haunted it,” Powers explained, referring to Timberlake's 2004 Super Bowl duet with Jackson, which was marred by her rather shocking "wardrobe malfunction."

“He chose to perform the song ‘Rock Your Body,’ during which the famous wardrobe malfunction took place," Powers continued, "and yet he didn’t mention Janet. He didn’t shout her out, and he stopped the song right before the line during which he ripped off her costume.”

“So, it was almost like he was trying to erase what had happened in the past, but that is just not flying in 2018,” she continued.

What is flying in 2018? "Struggle." And the “white male privilege” which permeates Timberlake's music does not reflect the “moment of struggle” that Powers says "we" want to hear:

“[W]e are living in a moment of struggle, and we want our pop music to also reflect that struggle,” she said.

We do? Who is "we"?

“And, frankly, Timberlake now embodies that phrase so often spoken today: white male privilege. It’s just not a good look for 2018, and it’s really, in some ways, not his fault. It’s just who he is.”

That's correct: Justin Timberlake is a white male and that's just who he is; it's not his fault. But these politically correct days, being a white male is "not a good look," so performers like Justin Timberlake must go to the back of the bus.