North Korean Athletes Who Don’t Win Gold Face Torture Upon Return

And to think U.S. media drooled all over the dictatorship in its coverage.

During its Olympics coverage, the media was so desperate to keep its Trump hate front and center that it actually praised the dictatorship of North Korea for “stealing the show.”

Kim Jong Un’s advisor sister, who was in attendance, “threw shade” at Vice President Mike Pence and the U.S. media gobbled it up, completely ignoring the fact that she helps her brother starve and torture his citizens. Meanwhile, North Korean athletes are scared to death to return home if they fail to bring home a medal because the dictatorship is known to punish athletes who don’t win. Even placing second or third could mean trouble.

And it’s all bad news so far, as was reported in The Sun, because North Korea has yet to pull off a victory in South Korea:

For North Korean athletes, the prospect of failure on the big stage carries a punishment far worse than a damaged ego.

Having failed to land a single medal in South Korea so far, its Winter Olympic team could suffer the same fate as previous underperforming athletes - imprisonment in one of the country's sick gulags.

After losing to Portugal in the 1966 World Cup, the North Korean football team was arrested and put into a prison camp built for political prisoners. The same thing happened in 2010 with yet another loss to Portugal, the team was “punished” for “failure.”

Conditions in these prisons are horrifying, where inmates eat bugs and rodents to survive. The few, if ever, released prisoners often draw pictures of the torture they were subjected to while inside that included being tied to concrete blocks and other physical stresses.

After the North Korean Olympic team came back from Rio in 2016 with only two gold medals, many athletes had their housing downgraded and rations reduced. Others were “sent to the coal mines.” Only those winning gold were upgraded and given more food. It is believed that weightlifter Hyo Sim-Choe might have been punished after winning a silver medal in Rio. Her face captured by Getty Images says it all:

It’s not just athletes who are punished but coaches, too, and most prisoners sent to the North Korean gulags have little chance of ever leaving. 

The media sure keeps strange bedfellows.