NFL Fines Player Over Christmas-Themed Cleats

But take a knee and get a sackful of praise.

The National Football League fined a player for wearing Christmas-themed cleats because they must not want anyone to ever watch football again.

New Orleans Saint running back Alvin Kamara wore a pair of custom red-and-white stocking cleats when playing the Atlanta Falcons on Christmas Eve. It’s the NFL’s policy that all players stick to the same uniform color scheme for games. However, Kamara thought he might get a pass in case the NFL was in the Christmas spirit. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Before the game last weekend, Kamara posted his bright kicks to Twitter:



By Thursday, he tweeted the NFL fine letter he received and quipped, “Tis the season:”


Kamara’s teammate Mark Ingram rightly dubbed the NFL “the Grinch” for the fine.

Last year, the NFL threatened a fine against Tennessee Titan linebacker Avery Williamson who had planned on wearing cleats custom painted with a 9/11 tribute theme. Instead, he sold the patriotic footwear and donated the proceeds to a veterans organization.

But an entire team disrespecting the US flag makes the NFL’s heart grow three sizes bigger. That’s okay — they’re reaping what they’ve sown.

H/T Washington Times