NFL Continues Its Spectacular Fall

The worst ratings in 20 years.

It seems that football fans actually just want to watch football rather than anti-American political protest, as evidenced by this weekend’s Sunday Night Football, which saw yet another ratings failure in spite of the fierce face-off between the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs. Still, players continue their refusal to stand for the anthem of the country which allows them to make millions playing a game that nobody’s watching.

According to Deadline, the NFL and its network, NBC, hit the 10/6/18 mark, which continues the lowest viewership the league has experienced in twenty years. Sunday night’s score was a drop of 3 percent further into the proverbial ratings toilet, compared to the Sunday before. The Texans/Chiefs game now has the distinction of being the worst-rated game of the season.  

Last week’s matchup scored a 5.8/21 among audiences aged 18 to 49, which was a drop from the week before. To put that into perspective, last year’s game claimed a rating of four percent higher, even as it aired during the massively-awaited Clinton/Trump townhall debate which followed the release of Trump’s Access Hollywood video with Billy Bush.

The continuation of the NFL to engage in behavior that millions find deplorable is as stunning as it is unsurprising that the once-prosperous institution is subsequently losing its fanbase. But this is the era in which we live: a time of political radicalism against the will of the people. A time when leftism is fighting nationalism, which in the American lexicon is the new bad word to replace the old good word, “patriotism.” The corporate sentiment against our national symbols and the virtues they represent is growing, even as it’s aiding a veritable suicide by the entities which engage in its expression. 

If the NFL continues to fall like a samurai on its sword, it may be a very long time -- perhaps as long as forever -- before it reclaims its former glory. Meanwhile, the fans want the simplest of things: dispense with the politics and allow them to answer "yes" to that question repeatedly posed to them each week by Hank Williams, Jr.: "Are you ready for some football?"