Newsweek Attacks Ivanka for Plagiarizing Her Own Speech

You can smell the desperation from here.

Newsweek thought it had the perfect scoop for a hit piece on Ivanka Trump by claiming she plagiarized her recent speech in India. The problem was, the words she “stole” were from a speech she gave weeks ago in Tokyo. Somebody get the editors a dictionary.

Here’s a photo posted by Steven Crowder of the original headline:


Since once cannot plagiarize one's self, Newsweek quickly tried to save itself from further embarrassment by fixing the mistake:

Does someone want to tell them they ended a sentence with a preposition? 

There’s a BIG difference in how these words tell the story and Newsweek utterly failed the bias test with this one. Is this really the first time they noticed someone using the same phrases over and over again? Did they miss eight years of President Obama saying, “Don’t boo, vote” every time he was in front of a roaring crowd?

You're going to have to do better than that, NewsWEAK.