New Rap Video Features Lynching of White Child, Still Up on YouTube

Where’s all that censorship now, Google?

YouTube, and its parent company Google, have been censoring conservative content online because it violates policy, but a new rap video released by a 19-year-old Florida rapper depicts him lynching a young, white boy and apparently that’s not a problem at all.

Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, known by his equally difficult rap name XXXTentacion (good luck), released a video for his “song” "Look At Me." The entire video is strange and hard to follow. It begins with the rapper being greeted by an angelic woman wearing a sex toy on her head like a unicorn. Then there is a classroom scene in which students are drawing penises and eventually beat down the teacher with a dildo. The music cuts in and out randomly as the scenes change.

Then, the violent imagery comes in. Several black men, including the rapper,  hang lynched from trees, but then he wakes up and begins rapping. Video of the Rodney King beating by the LAPD flashes on screen, followed by the shooting of Philando Castile by a police officer. Images of cars on fire and smashed appear throughout — an obvious nod to the Black Lives Matter riots.

And then, the music stops abruptly once again.

Onfroy walks two young children onto a dark stage; one black, one white. The boys stand between a noose that hangs from the ceiling. Onfroy appears to be instructing the boys, though there is no sound. Suddenly, he rises and places the noose around the white kid’s neck. He walks away to pull the rope and raises the kid in the air. The victim shakes his feet as if he is struggling. The scene ends with a wide shot of the kid hanging dead as the black kid looks up at the corpse.

The video ends with the rapper sitting for two minutes and reciting something about “equity and equality.” Apparently, there’s a message in all of this madness, though how lynching children gets that across is unthinkable. However, Onfroy seems like a troubled youth himself. He has been charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. An ex-girlfriend has also accused him of abuse. Yet, his wholesome video remains proudly on YouTube for all to see. Good job, Google.