‘Nazi’ Protesters Shout Down Ann Coulter During Free Speech Panel

Nice try, fascists.

Two protesters dressed as brownshirt Nazis attempted to shout down conservative author Ann Coulter during a free speech panel at Politicon over the weekend.

As she and other panelists, including comedian Greg Proops of Whose Line Is It Anyway? fame, started a discussion centered on campus censorship, the two Nazi-clad fascists jumped out of their seats in an attempt to shut down the conversation. The pair was ushered out of the room to the roar of the rest of the crowd chanting “U.S.A.”

But just when the panel resumed the discussion on the importance of the First Amendment, two more protestors interrupted with a giant “Trump/Pence must go” sign — another showing from the fascist RefuseFascism.org group. They were drowned out by the crowd chanting “Trump.”

Jake Tapper was at Politicon and tweeted, “Hearing about protestors disrupting @AnnCoulter at @Politicon. That's not how one wins an argument. Anyone can yell.”

Coulter later stated that she was happy someone showed up dressed like Nazis. After all, that is a leftist’s “natural garb.”

Here is another angle of the protesters:

H/T PJ Media