Nazi Best Writing for Zee TV: ABC Drama Uses Hitler Follower to Represent Opposition to Affirmative Action

"That's the beauty of clichés."

The major networks just can’t resist hitting viewers with a constant barrage of leftist messages. That habit was certainly in full swing on Monday night’s episode of ABC’s The Good Doctor.

During the new medical drama’s installment titled “Apple,” a black female resident learns that she must treat each patient professionally, despite who or what they are. This understanding is gained while having to treat — yes, it's true — a Nazi.

After a failed robbery attempt, during which the Nazi is shot in the trachea, Dr. Claire Browne has to oversee the care of not only the assailant but his victim: a young white woman, who also bears a gunshot. Favoring the victim over the criminal, Claire sends the woman into surgery first, despite her injury being less severe than his. Dr. Lim — the attending physician — pulls rank and orders the Nazi’s operation first, insisting that Claire assist her.

In light of the misstep, Dr. Lim instructs Claire to make her medical decisions based on the ailments themselves rather than personal or emotional bias. When Claire responds with insolence, the doctor expels her from the operating room and orders her to monitor the Nazi through the night. Because wise people know that quality time with a Nazi can often teach us valuable lessons.

Claire discovers the Nazi is an IV drug user, which explains his body’s resistance to pain meds. The relic of 1930's Germany claims Claire is purposely depriving him of pain management because of his swastika tattoo, and he berates her with racist comments.

The ridiculous scene plays out thusly:

Nazi: There must be a competent doctor tucked around here somewhere who can tell someone I need more than aspirin.

Claire: “Competent?"

Nazi: Yeah. You know what I mean.

Claire: Imhotep was the father of modern medicine. An Egyptian.

Nazi: Yeah. Good for your people. I'm willing to bet there's even been a couple others over the last 3,000 years, but guess what? On average, you look at most great technological advancements, you'll find a proud Northern European holding the patent.

Claire: That’s what you were trying to do? Get the patent for stealing $30 at the corner store for a drug fix?

Nazi: You don't like drug addicts, do you?

Claire: Hmmm, a lot of people I don't like: thieves, racists, violent punks...but I'll treat ‘em.

Nazi: Was your mama a drug addict? Wow. That's the beauty of clichés, is they're true so often, huh?

Claire: You don't know anything about me.

Nazi: I didn't go to college. I didn't have no affirmative action to get me in, but you did. Probably just some bleeding-heart liberal in the Dean's office teared up reading your essay about your crack-whore mama.


What we deduce from the goofy political storyline:

• Nazis are among us.
• Cartoonish, cliched characters sometimes accuse other characters of being cliches.
• Junkies who rob corner stores for $30 are sophisticated enough to talk about "great technological advancements," patents, and "Northern Europeans;" and they refer to Egyptians as "your people" when speaking to black women.
• Nazis are the enemies of liberals (despite the fact that Nazis are National Socialists).
• People who are against affirmative action are Nazis.
• People who are against the Left are Nazis.
• Hollywood desperately needs much better writers.

Come on, ABC. Just pitiful.