Nancy Sinatra Wants ‘Murderous’ NRA Members to ‘Face a Firing Squad

More "Do as I say, not as I do" from the Left.

Apparently, there’s no better time than right after a national tragedy when almost 60 innocent people were killed in a mass shooting to wish violence on others, and that’s just what singer Nancy Sinatra did via Twitter.

In a now-deleted tweet, the "These Boots are Made for Walking" singer graced the world with this message of #LoveTrumpsHate:

TruthRevolt’s editor-in-chief Mark Tapson was tagged on Twitter by a very perceptive follower who dropped this truth bomb:

Though Sinatra deleted the violent tweet, she swears it was just “sarcasm” when she was called out for the comment. One Twitter user wrote to Sinatra: “I’m an NRA member and I have never committed murder. You're thick as a plank, Nancy. And you OWE EVERY MEMBER AN APOLOGY.”

The singer obliged, “Okay, I’m sorry.”

Now, THAT’s sarcasm.

Another tweet asked Sinatra, “Nancy, do you really consider judging & finding thousands guilty for the actions of one normal?”

She answered, “No. All I’m asking is that the NRA examine their part in keeping automatic weapons out there. What’s so bad about that?”

What’s so bad is when a celebrity who knows nothing about guns talks like an expert. The NRA isn’t “keeping automatic weapons out there” because they’re banned! And those rare few that legally own one didn’t acquire it easily. Furthermore, the NRA just announced that it is requesting the federal government to review whether or not bump fire stocks, which are designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles, comply with federal law:

But when emotions and feelings are running on high alert, pesky facts just don’t matter.