MSNBC’s Wallace: Only Talking About Shooting Victims Because They’re White

Why do these people still have jobs in news?

MSNBC continues delivering the hottest of hot takes on the Florida school shooting. 

On Deadline: White House Thursday, host Nicolle Wallace, a former Republican, said that the only reason we’re talking about the 17 victims killed at the Parkland high school is because they are white.

“We're talking about this because, let's be honest, 17 white kids were…” Wallace said, not finishing her sentence. 

Wallace left off the two teachers killed in her tally, but facts don’t matter when you’re race baiting.

Wallace and her entire panel were giving their all in criticizing the attention an event like this receives when children in minority communities like Oakland and Chicago deal with this level of violence on a daily basis. 

It’s true that black communities are racking up hundreds of Parkland, Floridas each year, but these same media elitists never call for gun control when it comes to the plague of inner-city shootings. They never blame guns in those situations, and NEVER the leftist politics in those cities that include strict gun laws.

And if race isn’t to blame, it’s “toxic masculinity” among white males, in particular, as another panelist suggested. That same panelist was proven wrong when he tried to claim mass shootings are perpetrated exclusively by white men when others pointed out at least two incidents of female suspects. 

It’s infuriating to watch an MSNBC panel weave their destructive, racist narratives knowing that Wallace will still have her job even though she said something as horrid as she did.

Newsbusters has the footage: