MSNBC's O'Donnell Has Great Advice For Hillary on Running Mates

Great advice if you're a Republican, that is.

During MSNBC's primary election coverage on Tuesday night, host Lawrence O'Donnell offered up some advice on whom Hillary should choose as a running mate. The "most exciting, non-presidential candidate" in the Democrat party, by his reckoning. And her name is Elizabeth Warren.

Yes, O'Donnell the socialist sees a vision of fellow capitalism-hater Warren shoring up Hillary's appeal to disenfranchised Bernie voters, who will DEFINITELY get over the fact that their candidate won in Michigan and still received fewer delegates than Hillary because of their system of ruling elites. 

MSNBC hosts have a long, sordid, torrid love affair past with Warren, best exemplified in a Rachel Maddow episode in which she spent three full segments building up to the huge enormous coup of an interview with the free enterprising politician that would have made Napoleon himself blush at the immodest fluffery. 

In the era of Donald Trump's huge populist appeal, and Bernie's befuddled wealth-spreading, the notion that putting the off-putting rebuker of the Democrat party onto the same ticket as the cronyist pending-criminal is hilarious. And exactly the kind of dim analysis we have come to expect from The Last Word host. 

It's also a great idea for people who want to give the eventual Republican ticket a bit of an image rehab. That's a pair that would be easy to face in November. 

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