MSNBC's Hayes Mocks American Fears of Terror Attacks

Dead Americans aren't funny, Chris.

On MSNBC tonight, Chris Hayes was talking with former RNC Chairman Michael Steele about Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and the war on terror, when he made light of something that is no laughing matter.

Michael Steele was pointing out that many Americans are justifiably afraid or frustrated with the continuing terror the world faces every day, even here in the United States. 

"I get the fear and the frustration that a lot of Americans have and feel, I thought the President's milquetoast speech last night was just that. It didn't do very much to alleviate that fear. And he started talking about things that people really aren't focused on or concerned about."

One might argue with the choice of "fear" over "anger" as the prevailing feeling in America, but that there is fear is certain. Americans are concerned, rightly, about terror. They are concerned for their children, concerned for the future. Normally liberals are all about that fear, stoking dread about global warming, guns, mean words, and an endless list of other bogeymen. But for some reason, when it comes to thousands of people being brutally slain over the years by Islamic terror, fear-mongering liberals suddenly get their macho on and mock cowardly parents and families for worrying about silly little things like being shot, blown up, or crashed into buildings. 

Hayes replied to Steele with a snicker at the expense of those Americans.

"When I'm fearful, I find a little bit of milk and little bit of toast calms me right down."

A play on the word choice from Michael Steele, sure. A throwaway joke for a TV host filling time? Maybe. But a belittling and cutting snark as well: definitely. Remember, Hayes is a liberal scold.

It's matter of what he would and would not crack wise about. Would liberals laugh it off if Hayes had made jokes at the expense of the global warming alarmism party they just threw in Paris? Doubtful. He and his network would be all over you for something they deemed "insensitive" or "offensive" or hurty. There's an old saying about a goose and gander that comes to mind.

And if you want to see exactly how liberals take this joke - exactly how Hayes meant it - just read Tommy Christopher's words at the Daily Banter.

Tough guy Republicans sure are afraid lately. They’re happy to stand up to Starbucks cups, not so much Jihadists

The truth is that, like the President in his speech last night, liberals really just don't care enough about terror to do anything about it. They're way more interested in proving how tolerant they are. They'd much rather stand up to the phantom of 'backlash" against Muslims than the reality of Islamic terror. 

So who is really scared here?