MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Mika Brzezinski Praise 'More Learned' Trump

A turn of the tide?

In an uncharacteristic display during  Tuesday evening's New Hampshire caucus, MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Mika Brzezinski joined Joe Scarborough in heaping praise on a more "learned" Donald Trump.

Brzezinski commended the real estate mogul for displaying less "bravado" than he usually does, while Matthews and Scarborough weighed in with their own unique observations of the GOP frontrunner. Newsbusters provides the clip and transcript: 

MIKA BRZEZINKSI: Um, the past 24 hours, late last night, early this morning, we spent time with the Trumps, with Donald Trump and his family.

I see a big evolution from Iowa. He’s not going to say he's won this thing until he knows he’s won it if he wins it, and he's not sure he’s going to win it. And you saw a real change in tone. Much less bravado, much more learned, since the caucus, um, and to, and more himself, very confident, but holding back on calling it for himself.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Do you think he’s one of those guy’s that’s better when they’re hit a little hard? That life’s knocks make ‘em better? Jerry Brown of California used to be insufferable –

BRZEZINSKI: When his back’s up.

MATTHEWS: – in the old days. And now he’s a pretty good guy.

BRZEZINSKI: Yeah, I think he is.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know what, he is a guy from Queens, who has always felt like he’s treated poorly from the outer boroughs.


MATTHEWS: But I was thinking, does he know how good his message was going to be when he started delivering it?

BRZEZINSKI: Yes, yes, absolutely. Look, we’ve spent time with him, we know him. I don’t agree with most of what he says in terms of any policies that he’s slightly alluded to. But I’ve always thought this guy knows he can win, and he knows how to evolve on the fly. There’s no one helping him. It’s all right here and right here [motions to head and gut]. And he goes with it. And he’s ripped the mask off of candidates who are prepared and who have people kind of telling them and polling their – look at what happened to Marco Rubio this week. It’s all because the dynamic of this race is now who can actually talk on the fly and connect with people without preparing.

SCARBOROUGH: He’s the anti-Rubio, he’s the anti-politician –

MATTHEWS: Spontaneous.

SCARBOROUGH: – we were talking to him, he kept talking to us, they're pulling him out, Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, 10 seconds. And they literally push him out. He’s got his notes just kind of tucked into his pocket and said, oh well, and went out.

Whether one supports Trump or not, it is clear that the nation is hungry for plain-spoken authenticity as it is so sorely lacking in trained politicians who only recite talking points pre-approved by their respective campaign managers. The observations shared by the MSNBC hosts cited above could signal a turn of the tide for Trump, at least as far as independent/non-traditional GOP voters are concerned.