HuffPo Launches Islamophobia Tracker to Combat 'Deplorable Wave of Hate'

We feel much safer now that the SJW's are making it official.

The Huffington Post is at it again. This time the media outlet is taking it upon itself to be a crusader against Islamophobia with a new watchdog initiative. From the site:


Wonderful. The editors at HuffPo might then also be interested in utilizing The Religion of Peace website's Islamic terrorism and jihad monitoring feature which provides a tally of Islamic terror attacks carried out worldwide on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. According to best estimates, during the week of January 30 through February 5, 2016, nearly 300 innocent people were killed and another 450 injured across 35 different Islamic terror attacks. Since 9/11 nearly 28,000 Islamic terror attacks have been carried out. 

Apparently HuffPo only cares about identity-politics victims and not real ones. 

The entry page of HuffPo's Islamophobia-tracker reads:  

Islamophobia is real.

And it's not going anywhere.

After last year's terror attacks in Paris and mass shooting in San Bernardino, California -- and amidst a surge in anti-Muslim rhetoric from U.S. politicians -- reports about Muslims in America facing violence, harassment, intimidation and bigotry have become omnipresent. Many Muslims say Islamophobia is worse now than it's ever been -- even worse than it was after 9/11.

So after hundreds of innocent people were murdered and injured by Islamic terrorists in Paris and San Bernardino combined, the most important action taken should be confronting Islamophobia. There's more: 

It might be impossible to create a comprehensive list of discriminatory acts against American Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim, but The Huffington Post will document this deplorable wave of hate for all of 2016 using news reports and firsthand accounts. The breadth and severity of Islamophobia in America can no longer go unnoticed. Enough is enough.

We want to hear from you. Email us to report an anti-Muslim act for the tracker. Or better yet, tell us about those who have overcome, battled or survived Islamophobia for a possible story:

Which is another way of saying that a so-called case of "Islamoophobia" does not even have to be factual, documented or confirmed -- it can simply be alleged in order to be counted. Which means that anyone can make up any story at any time and it will be reported by HuffPo as a "firsthand account." What's more, HuffPo is even asking readers to email hearsay stories about others who "battled" the plight of Islamophobia. Given the overly-sensitive world in which we live, the most innocuous incident could then be construed, or alleged at least, to be "Islamophobic."

Case in point: A non-Muslim student at Queens University in Ontario recently took it upon herself to wear a hijab for 18 days in order to see how she would be treated. At the end of her experiment, the student found that people were extremely nice and polite to her. So nice, in fact, that they must in fact be "racist." 

That's right. Being polite and kind to a Muslim (or in her case, a perceived-Muslim) in today's society must be the result of bigotry. So, if being nice to a Muslim is considered "racist" we wonder how on earth HuffPo's Islamophobia-tracker will work exactly.  

HuffPo's tracker page also includes a link to the terrorist-linked Council on American Relations (CAIR) as well as other links calling on readers to visit their local mosque. 

HuffPo made a feeble attempt at documenting current cases of so-called Islamophobia, climaxing with articles about U.S. and State Senate bills, respectively, forbidding sharia law in U.S. courts and tracking Syrian refugees' whereabouts. 

Are there bigots out there who hate people simply because of how they look or for the faith they keep? Of course. But those are fringe elements within our society and they hardly constitute an impactful majority -- quite the opposite of what the SJW's would have us believe. 

If people truly care about the perception of Muslims across the West, perhaps they should start by being honest about terrorism and its root cause. What's more, if more Muslims of goodwill spoke out against terrorism and became a voice of moderation and reform (think Zuhdi Jasser), they would likely find a warm and welcoming audience among their non-Muslim counterparts. It is the same as with the African American community. It's easy to play the victim of a racist society and of killer-cops, but what about addressing the root cause of the systemic violence within black communities?  

At the end of the day, that would mean engaging in hard work and self-honesty -- something the SJW's don't care much for. After all, anyone can claim to be a victim, and in today's day and age, you needn't even proof to back that up.