MSNBC: 'Virtually All Racists Belong to Republican Party’

Former White House Treasury official Bruce Bartlett presented a novel idea Saturday on MSNBC’s AM Joy: “virtually all racists belong to the Republican Party today.” Bizarrely, the self-described “conservative” attacked right-wing media for presenting misinformation to conservatives, with which host Joy Reid was only too happy to agree:

“You do also talk about the fact that there are two silos of information -- the conservative silo where they're getting their media from one place, and then everyone else getting their media from another.  So how can people sort of protect themselves if they're inside that conservative news bubble?”

Note that, according to Reid, there are only two groups in America: conservatives, and "everybody else."  In other words, conservatives, and then normal people. Furthermore, Joy remained oblivious, of course, to her and her network’s own profound leftist, elitist bubble, of which there are countless examples. Bartlett went on to lament that conservatives aren’t open to the more accurate, left-wing media:

“I don't think they want to be protected unfortunately. I mean, you've got a huge number of people in this country who get virtually all of their news from Fox or they listen only to talk radio where you really only hear the right-wing point of view from Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. And if they're looking on the internet, they're reading the Drudge Report or Breitbart in a closed loop where they never hear many facts.”

"Closed loop?" The media of the Left -- including MSNBC -- is the ultimate closed loop.

And then came the Nazi comment:

“They hear lies. And so when they hear the same lie over and over again, we know this is called the "big lie technique" that Josef Goebbels invented back in the 1930s. And unfortunately it works.”

The two asserted that Republicans were, in Joy's words, keen to “cuddle up to” racists. Then Bartlett -- author of, ironically, The Truth Matters -- went for the jugular of absurdity:

“Well, you know, it's been said many times that not all Republicans are racists, but all -- virtually all racists belong to the Republican party today.  And I'll make the point as well so that these people used to be Democrats. Democrats' party used to be the party of the South, and now the Republicans are the party of the South.”


Even left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes conceded last year that a survey suggested a significant percentage of Hillary voters qualified as racist toward blacks. Furthermore, Democrats rule the inner cities, where blacks face the worst plight, oppressed by the Left’s insistence upon keeping them dependent on the government, scapegoating any lack of individual with charges of racism and oppression against conservatives.

Last but not least, Bartlett never mentioned minorities as potential racists, apparently taking the position that only whites could be racist.

This is the persistent narrative of MSNBC, and they will do whatever it takes to push it, by having whoever they need as guests in order to reinforce it.  From the most extreme, professed leftists, to wolf-in-sheep-clothing “conservatives.” CNN isn’t interested in balance, opposition, or multiple viewpoints. They have one singular message, and they will present only that message, regardless of the label of the person speaking it. And one label that will never accurately apply to that message, is "truth."