MSNBC Analyst: Trump ‘Sounds Like a North Korean Leader

And you, my dear, sound like an unhinged lunatic.

Most days, MSNBC analysts go way over the top, but then there’s Evelyn Farkas. What she said about President Trump on Tuesday might be the winner (loser) of the week!

With dictator Kim Jong-un attempting to show his military might by waving his tiny nukes around that can fit inside ballistic missiles, our president rightly responded in kind, telling the North Korean leader that any military moves on his part that threatens the United States “will be met with fire and fury and, frankly, power the likes of which this world has never seen before.” Right on! Strong words from a strong leader.

Unless you’re Farkas, a deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia and Ukraine in the Obama administration. To her ears, Trump sounds no different than any North Korean dictator.

“So, first, just very quickly: The president sounds like a North Korean leader,” Farkas told Nicole Wallace with a hearty laugh. “Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, you know the son of Kim Jong-il, they all talked about — literally — ‘sea of fire.’ That was the threat that they used more often than not.”

“I used to have a huge file folder of all the crazy, colorful things that the North Koreans would say and the names that they would call our American presidents,” she added. “So, President Trump sounds more like a North Korean leader, unfortunately, than an American leader.”

Farkas kept talking but anything she said was invalidated by her initial comments.