MSM Twist Eric Trump Comment About Democrats 'Not Being People'

Media M.O.: take out of context, lie, twist, rinse, repeat.

During an interview with Sean Hannity Tuesday evening, Eric Trump discussed the uphill battle his father faces with obstructionist Democrats who are more interested in seeing the president fail than they are in seeing the nation succeed. 

He also discussed how media, celebrities, and just everyday people have acted viciously towards the Trump family, even attacking his younger brother, pregnant wife and unborn child. The younger Trump even shared a moment when someone told his pregnant wife that he hoped "the kid is aborted ... so there isn't another Trump in the world."

During the interview, Eric Trump enumerated some of the reasons why the Democratic Party is in shambles, adding that they are "not even people." Of course that is the only line from the Trump-Hannity interview now being touted by the mainstream media.

Of course, where would they be if they couldn't have taken Eric Trump's comment out of context and twisted it to suit their own agenda. They conveniently left out the "why," including the heinous attacks the family has endured by the so-called "tolerant" Left. 

Watch the more complete video clip above, which provides proper context.