MS-13 Gang Now in 22 States Thanks to Flood of Illegals, DACA

“Many of the hotbeds of MS-13 activity are also places where local officials have adopted sanctuary policies."

MS-13, the gang that MSNBC radical Joy Reid claimed no one but Fox News viewers has ever heard of, has now been linked to crimes in 22 states after metastasizing like a cancer during the Obama years. That growth was powered by 300,000 illegals, including those given amnesty under the DACA program, according to The Washington Examiner.

Since 2012, the Examiner reports, “Mara Salvatrucha,” or MS-13, has been responsible for 207 murders, and there are over 500 cases of the brutal gang's members around the country being charged with major crimes, according to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies. About half of the crimes noted in the report occurred in the left's sacred “sanctuary cities."

The author of the report, Jessica M. Vaughan, detailed how MS-13 surged in America under Obama’s open-border immigration policies:

[T]his resurgence represents a very serious threat to public safety in communities where MS-13 has rebuilt itself. The resurgence is directly connected to the illegal arrival and resettlement of more than 300,000 Central American youths and families that has continued unabated for six years, and to a de-prioritization of immigration enforcement in the interior of the country that occurred at the same time.

Her research revealed that MS-13 concentrated in areas where so-called “unaccompanied alien children” were put under Obama, including Virginia, California, Maryland and New York. They included those participating in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals for whom Democrats in Congress are fighting.

Vaughan, the center’s policy director, cited an example of a Maryland DACA recipient charged with gang activity who urged his partners in crime in El Salvador to take advantage of Obama’s policies:

One MS-13 clique leader in Frederick, Md., who had received a DACA work permit and was employed as a custodian at a middle school in Frederick, Md., and who was recently incarcerated for various gang-related crimes, reportedly was told by gang leaders in El Salvador to take advantage of the lenient policies on UACs to bring in new recruits, knowing that they would be allowed to resettle in the area with few questions asked. Several of these unaccompanied minors now have been arrested and incarcerated for various crimes, including a vicious random attack on a sheriff's deputy in 2015.

“The MS-13 members identified in the cases we found were accused of very serious crimes,” read the report, "including 207 murders. More than 100 were accused of conspiracy/racketeering, and dozens of others were charged with drug trafficking, sex trafficking, attempted murder, sexual assaults, and extortion."

The report noted the difficulty in dealing with this criminal element because the crimes occurred in many of the country's 300 sanctuary cities:

“The proliferation of sanctuaries may complicate disruption of MS-13,” wrote Vaughan. “Many of the hotbeds of MS-13 activity are also places where local officials have adopted sanctuary policies. These policies prevent ICE from working effectively with local law enforcement agencies... About half of the MS-13 arrests in our case set (222) occurred in sanctuary jurisdictions."

Good work, progressives. Your relentless support of illegal aliens and savage gangs is really paying off for America.