More 'Name That Candidate' With Disastrous Results

We're doomed.

A day before the Nevada Republican caucus, CNN was interviewing patrons at a local diner to see how much they knew about the candidates before they headed out to vote -- and it proved to be a disaster.

These Nevadans' inability to identify the presidential candidates made conservative blogger SooperMexican wish for painful death:

What they found makes me want to gouge out my eyes, rip my tongue out and blow my brains out the back of my head.

Donald Trump was easily recognizable, something Sooper believes is a result of seeing him on The Apprentice. But both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were less recognizable among many patrons. Fairing the worst, though, was John Kasich, who, unsurprisingly, was unrecognizable to almost everyone in the diner.

One patron actually confused Bernie Sanders with Jeb Bush. Even when prompted with the initials "BS" the man could only identify him as "bulls***." (At least he got one thing right!)

And similar to the previous story here on TruthRevolt, our own Vice President Joe Biden of eight years was unknown to a first-time voter.

With everyone distracted by the tough questions, Sylvester Stallone was able to also go unnoticed in the corner, reacting for all of us: