More Hollywood Hypocrisy: Heroic Feminist Natalie Portman Also Supporter of Child Sex Predator

The Golden Globes were a feminist "night of solidarity and kickass acceptance speeches."

The 2018 Golden Globes was, according to Glamour, a "night of solidarity and kickass acceptance speeches." Another media outlet similarly exclaimed, "Female Empowerment Stars at Golden Globes." A third celebrated, "Female Empowerment Was The Big Theme Of The Golden Globes." However, behind the veneer of pro-woman power, a contradiction loomed.

While presenting the nominees for best director, Natalie Portman took time to point out a horribly, ugly truth: they were all male. Gasp!

According to Glamour, Portman "threw the perfect amount of (sexist) shade at the all-male line-up." NBC also hailed the feminist tint of the show:

“A-list actresses, from Natalie Portman to Jessica Chastain, served up jokes about gender inequality in their industry. Portman, presenting the award for best film director, made a point of saying all the nominees were men.”

Despite the high marks Portman received as a #MeToo hero sticking it to The Man, the actress in fact lacks consistency when it comes to protecting female victims of sex crimes: in 2009, she supported a petition by French author Bernard Henri Levy to release director-cum-child-predator Roman Polanski. Polanski was arrested and charged with the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl in 1977. The levied crimes included "rape by use of drugs." Polanski pled guilty to the least serious charge -- unlawful sexual intercourse -- in 1978. Additionally, five other women have accused him of sexual harassment or assault. 

British actress Emma Thompson signed the petition for Polanski's release as well, but after a brutal backlash, she removed her name. Portman remains unscathed. Other actresses who signed: 2012 Best Actress in a Drama contender Tilda Swinton, Isabelle Huppert (winner of the 2017 Golden Globe for Best Actress), Penelope Cruz (2010 Best Supporting Actress nominee), and Monica Bellucci.

Another hypocritical aspect to the 2018 Globes regarding its heralded feminist tone was the awarding of a Best Actor Golden Globe to James Franco, amid multiple women's allegations of improper sexual behavior.

There is no greater self-congratulatory organization than the elitist community of Hollywood. Style over substance isn't merely a frequently-employed method of movie-making; it's also an apt description of Tinseltown. That trend shows no sign of stopping, as America's entertainment Mecca remains comprised of -- and controlled by -- the hypocritical Left.