Mom, Daughter Use Firearms to Thwart Armed Robber

People have a better chance of staying alive when they can shoot back.

A family-owned liquor store in Oklahoma was targeted by an armed robber who proved unsuccessful because the mother and daughter behind the counter were armed and ready to fight back.

Police say Tyrone Lee, 30, entered Forest Acres Liquor in Tulsa with a sawed-off shotgun and demanded that Tina Ring, 53, and daughter Ashley Lee, 30, hand over all the money in the cash register. Ring recognized Lee as a customer who had been in the day before and just under two hours prior to coming back with a weapon. 

On Fox & Friends, Ring said she and her daughter ducked under the counter and thought Lee had left with the money. However, he returned and that’s when they both grabbed their guns from behind the counter. Ring fired two shots as he walked toward them with his shotgun, but he kept coming and tried to wrestle the gun out of the woman’s hand. She was afraid of the gun being used against her and expended all rounds as they struggled. Ring’s daughter used the opportunity to shoot Lee again and he finally fled the scene. He was admitted to the hospital with several gunshot wounds but is expected to recover.

Though the daughter was unhurt, Ring received seven staples for a head wound suffered during the melee. See her retell the harrowing story with surveillance footage below:

The media is currently framing the gun debate by alleging that a handgun will do little to stop a perpetrator with a larger caliber weapon. This story proves the opposite. Without the handguns, these ladies might be dead or severely injured. And it’s worth mentioning again that the criminal used an illegal sawed-off shotgun. Government restrictions on what citizens can legally own will never make a difference for someone like Tyrone Lee. Taking away Second Amendment rights won’t stop criminal activity and puts citizens in even more danger.