MLK’s Son Not Bashing Trump for Ending DACA

“We have to take him at his word.”

A cameraman for TMZ approached Dexter King at the Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday morning to see if he wanted to complain about President Trump ending Obama’s Deferred Action for Children Arrivals program which sheltered kids of illegal aliens from deportation. However, the youngest son of Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t take the bait.

King was asked if the president was being hypocritical when he says he loves Dreamers but then ended the program protecting them:

“It’s hard to question somebody’s — what’s in their heart or mind. I can only take him at his word and hopefully his actions that he’ll, you know, encourage Congress and also sign whatever legislation that comes out to deal with this crisis.”

TMZ pressed harder for criticism from King, but he simply stated:

“I think we have to take him at his word, initially. I think you should give people the benefit of the doubt and then if they don’t follow through, then you have something to say. You can say at that point, ‘You didn’t keep your word.’ But until that happens, you really have to give them the benefit of the doubt.”

Ah, so kind of like, judge people for the content of their character, not just because you hate them passionately.