Military Widow Shares Gender Reveal With Late Husband's Battalion

"I didn’t want them to be forgotten over there."

When Britt Harris told her husband Chris, deployed in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, that they were expecting a baby, he was overjoyed. “When I told him, it was the happiest I’d ever seen him,” reports ABC News "He was so excited."

A week after she told him the news, and less than a year after they married, 25 year-old Chris Harris died from an improvised explosive device (IED). Britt wanted to make sure that the men who served with her husband knew that they were not forgotten. “I’m dealing with a lot and grieving but I got to take off work and go to counseling, but they didn’t get to. I didn’t want them to be forgotten over there." The widow said that, as an only child, Chris saw his brother-in-arms as his actual brothers, his family. So, when it was time to share her baby's gender with her family, they were the first to know.

“I asked if they’d like to be the first to know the gender and they were really excited,” she said. “I told them I would ship confetti poppers or something and they could be the first to know and feel included.” One of the soldiers, Joel Crunk, filmed the touching moment and posted it on YouTube with the caption "August 2 2017 Chris Harris laid down his life for our country. His newly wed wife was expecting their first child. The reveal is in Afghanistan with the men who fought by his side. We are happy to welcome the new member of our company."

“I probably watched it 100 times myself," Britt said, "I was crying but smiling because their reaction was so wonderful.”