Michael Moore’s Anti-Trump Broadway Show Closes, But There's Bad News

He's not going away anytime soon.

Michael Moore’s career might no be over, but his anti-Trump Broadway show, The Terms of my Surrender, is and all he has to show for it is some lackluster ticket sales. 

Moore’s one-man show was critically panned with descriptions like “cringe-inducing,” “unvarnished ego trip,” and a “sloppy concoction.” The most creative criticism described the show as “a bit like being stuck at Thanksgiving dinner with a garrulous, self-regarding, time-sucking uncle. Gotta love him — but maybe let’s turn on the television.”

And even then, the Moore misery still lasted a grueling 13 weeks and sold just over $4 million in tickets. However, that’s about half of what it could’ve made, according to Broadway League. Audiences still trickled in but the theater was rarely over about a third full.

But Moore remains fat and happy:

“My 100 performances on Broadway represent perhaps the most fulfilling experience of my career. Having the opportunity to play the Belasco for tens of thousands of New Yorkers (and people from around the country and the world), with a simple and urgent message, has been one of the great honors of my life. And I am deeply moved to be so warmly embraced by the Broadway community. Broadway remains a powerful hub of American popular culture and I plan on being back — with both a new play and a new one-man show — soon.”

Now, here's the bad news, straight from the horse's mouth: "As for The Terms of My Surrender — there is no surrender! We'll be taking our Broadway show on the road next summer!"

Oh, joy.