Meteorologists Blast CBS News Report

"Kaku has no effing clue what he is talking about -- 'unstable jet stream' -- huh?"

On Thursday's CBS This Morning, New York City College physics professor Michio Kaku blamed the harsh winter on global warming on the North Pole melting. Kaku, whose specialty is not meteorology, was hit with a barrage of attacks from the real weather experts -- meteorologists -- for providing false information.

Meteorologist Ryan Maue tweeted:


Ted Keller, meteorologist for KTTS News and instructor of weather at Missouri State, replied:


National Weather Service meteorologist Corey Pieper chimed in with:


Chief meteorologist at Global News Toronto, ​Anthony Farnell, said:


Houston Chronicle's science reporter Eric Berger added:


Perhaps next time CBS News invites a scientist to explain the weather, the network should select one whose specialty includes weather.