Meryl Streep: Media Saves

"You are our first line of defense against tyranny and state-sanctioned news.”

At a time when the media elite have been exposed as partisan hacks for the Democratic Party, Hollywood — that ever-credible home to debauchery — speaks up to thank them for their service to the country. Enter: Meryl Streep.

In a surprise visit to the Committee to Protect Journalists awards Wednesday evening, Streep gushed on the mainstream media for having the guts to be the nation’s “first line of defense against tyranny and state-sanctioned news.” No, she wasn’t talking about the Obama era and his media lapdogs:

“I get to meet my heroes. I really came here tonight to thank you — that’s all. Really, thank you. Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you. You are the Fourth Estate. You are our first line of defense against tyranny and state-sanctioned news.”

Streep also acknowledged how the current string of sexual abuse allegations that are drowning the news pages is hurting Hollywood. But she insists she is grateful, especially to the “bullshit detectives:”

“You are the enemy of the people, yeah! Just the bad people. And I, on behalf of a grateful nation, thank you.

“Thank you, you intrepid, underpaid, over-extended, trolled, and un-extolled, young and old, battered and bold, bought and sold, hyper-alert crack-caffeine fiends. You’re gorgeous, ambitious, contrarian, fiery, dogged and determined bullshit detectives. You’re persevering, cool, objective, indefatigable, chronically fatigued, pharmaceutically soothed, chocolate-comforted Twitter clickers.”

Get it? She gets paid to be clever.

The host of the annual awards was CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, who got a rousing acclamation from the Oscar award-winning actress:

“You are the very first female broadcast journalist that I ever remember seeing on TV who was reporting on the ground form the most dangerous points of conflict in the world and you are responsible for making my daughters think there was nothing at all unusual in that. For those who grew up in the ’60s, when the narrative of serious journalism was always delivered in a baritone, we knew what a big deal it was and what a trailblazer you are.

“Christiane is the woman who made the safari jacket cute. So much so that poor Steve Bannon in an attempt to be cute or to acquire some frontline authenticity has actually copped your look. Did you realize that?”

Hahahahahahaha… not.

As The Daily Beast noted, Streep’s sudden interest in journalism spilled over in a conversation she recently had with a Columbia journalism professor who informed her that applications are up for the journalism school. Hoping to comfort the journalists in the room worried that a younger generation is gunning for their jobs, the actress said there’s plenty of news to go around and that “every single story” needs to be “covered with care and ingenuity and relentless pursuit.”

Which roughly translates to, “Take down Trump and the GOP.”