Media Turning on Obama's Shutdown Strategy?

Mainstream media’s herculean mission to prop up the president grows increasingly shaky as the reality of his administration’s divisiveness chips away at their metanarrative.

October’s budgetary standoff is taking its toll on the Obama administration’s most important department: its mainstream media press corps. A particular attitude about the president’s political strategery is increasingly becoming the norm for many media outlets: doubt.

Sadly, the media’s favorite Obama fiction—the tale of the fair-minded prince of political peace—faces the reality of his permanent partisanship.

Take for instance the CNN piece this morning on a potential signal from the White House that it just might be open to a debt ceiling deal. In a better time, CNN could have offered up a hymn on Obama’s eminently reasonable political position. Instead, author Jim Acosta begins on a markedly ambivalent note:

Is it a glimmer of hope, or more rhetoric as the deadline for possible government default gets closer?

Even ABC can’t figure out how to spin Obama’s inflexible “no negotiations” mantra. In his article, “Obama Resists Talks with Boehner ‘Under the Threat’ of Default,” the best ABC’s Devin Dwyer can do in his budget gridlock piece is emphasize the president’s Republicans-as-bullies rhetoric in the title. But “Obama Resists” is the harsh reality of the headline.

But even if mainstream media can’t bring itself to sing hymns of praise to Obama’s posturing, no worries, they’ll keep singing their hearts out in the blame-Republicans-first chorus.