Media Backlash Targets 'FERGUSON The Play'

A "danger... powder keg ready to reignite racial tensions."

It was announced Monday here on TruthRevolt that conservative filmmaker Phelim McAleer will debut his new project FERGUSON: The Play this month in Los Angeles in the form of Verbatim Theatre, with actors reciting from the actual court transcripts related to the shooting death of Michael Brown. 

It took only days for media backlash to target the project. McAleer addressed this in a Friday release:

So the backlash has started. The mainstream media don't want the truth about Ferguson to get out. They want to shut down the play… before they've even seen the play, the "critics" are trying to shut it down.

Leading "critic" Kevin O'Keeffe, of the Art.Mic blog, said there is "nothing to be gained" by staging the play. This is despite the fact that FERGUSON is Verbatim Theatre, a genre that uses only actual court transcripts to tell a dramatic story. There will be no additions or subtractions--just the truth. But that isn't acceptable for these ideological gatekeepers posing as "critics."

McAleer goes on to state that O'Keeffe considers the play a "danger" that "feels like a powder keg ready to reignite racial tensions," adding that it's an "incredibly frustrating provocation of the past."

Like many of McAleer's other projects, FrackNation and the upcoming film on serial abortionist Kermit Gosnell, FERGUSON is raising money through crowdfunding. The play is set to run four nights, April 26-29, at L.A.'s Odyssey Theatre.

McAleer anticipates further attacks against his project as opening night approaches.

From FERGUSON's IndieGoGo page:

The purpose of FERGUSON is to reveal the truth about what really happened on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, MO and to look at why and how the Grand Jury came to the decision they did. FERGUSON is a staged version of the Grand Jury testimony exactly as they heard it. But this time the audience gets to be the Grand Jury. The performances in Los Angeles will be dramatized staged readings with interactive voting. Every night the audience will  decide who's telling the truth, decide who's lying, and decide if they would indict Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown. How will you vote?

I am a journalist. I'm only interested in what really happened. This is a story that deserves to be told. And FERGUSON shows the audience something the media won't: The Truth. You get to decide what you would do with that information.