Michael Brown's Mother: 'I'll Never Forgive' Officer Darren Wilson

"Acts were devilish"

One year after the death of Michael Brown – the black teenager shot and killed by Ferguson, MI, officer Darren Wilson after the being assaulted by Brown – his mother still has not "forgiven" officer Darren Wilson and has vowed never to do, calling his act of eyewitness-corroborated self-defense "devilish."

In an an interview with Al Jazeera America, Brown's mother Lezley McSpadden discussed none of the facts pertaining to the case, saying nothing about why video evidence showed her son robbing a convenience store just minutes prior to his altercation with Wilson, why all physical evidence showed Michael Brown had been shot from the front and did not have his hands up, and why multiple black eyewitnesses backed Darren Wilson's account of events.

Playing the victim card, McSpadden hid behind an impenetrable wall of emotion and outrage in a very clear delusional act of desperation to silence those who know the facts in the case  and vowed to "never forgive" officer Darren Wilson while slandering him as "cold and malicious," even going as far to call him "evil" whose "acts were devilish."

McSpadden also commented on Officer Darren Wilson's interview in The New Yorker earlier this week where the now former officer – who keeps surveillance cams around his home due to the death threats received on a daily basis – said he did not think Brown had a good "upbringing." McSpadden took offense to that assertion, saying that officer Darren Wilson "didn't have the right upbringing."

"Because those are words that you just don't use, especially after you took somebody's life and you know you had no reason to," she said. "But he can't hurt me with his words. What he did last year hurt me really bad, so his words mean nothing to me."

The interview then shifted onto the case itself as McSpadden lamented over the grand jury's decision not to indict Michael Brown.

"I can't wrap my mind around it, and they can never get me to understand why it happened or how they came up with no indictment and the Department of Justice didn't see [Wilson] doing anything wrong with his job," said McSpadden.

McSpadden also accused St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch of deliberately not doing his job.

"He did not think about my son's family, my son, how we were affected. He didn't think about any of that. He specifically said he would not recommend charges, and this is before even looking at all the evidence and taking it into consideration and really want to do your job the right way," McSpadden said. "I would have rather him left someone that wanted to do their job, do the job as a prosecutor."

Officer Darren Wilson, aside from being unemployed due to fear of reprisal, has also been embroiled in a lawsuit brought against him by Michael Brown's family.

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