Maxine Waters Loves Intelligence Leaks Coming Out of White House, Wants Even More

"I need to hear these conversations."

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) couldn’t care less about national security. She is loving all the leaks coming out of the White House and said in her Friday appearance on The View, keep them a’comin.’

Co-host Paula Faris said, “We have to be bothered by these phone conversations — these confidential conversations that he had with Mexico and Australia that were just illegally leaked to The Washington Post.”

“There's a lot of Democrats that are disturbed by this because it threatens our national security. Are you disturbed by it?" Faris asked.

"No, not at all," replied Waters. "I am so glad they're telling us what's going on.”

Faris shot back, “We don’t need to hear these conversations. They’re confidential. This threatens national security."

“I need to hear these conversations,” Maxine said defiantly, and the audience gushed with applause.

Waters then blamed the president for the leaks:

"Unfortunately, this is his fault. He is in a White House where he's got people working for him that don't believe in him, don't like what he's doing, and they're trying to tell the American public something."

Joy Behar chimed in with her infinite wisdom, saying, “They’re whistle blowers, they’re not leakers.”

Faris tried to talk some sense to the panel:

"America loses here, though. He cannot have a candid conversation with the leader of another country. Mexico's not gonna want to have a conversation with us anymore, because it could get leaked. Australia, countries are not going to want to get on the phone with the leader of the free world."

“Let me tell you something,” Maxine said. “Mexico is glad to have it leaked.”

This wasn’t Waters’ only television appearance on Friday. She also stopped by Morning Joe on MSNBC where she talked about calling Trump, “The most deplorable person I have met.”