Matthews: GOP Want to Make Hillary Look Like a Traitor

Matthews started his Monday night show dubbing the criticisms of Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice "bad politics" and a "nasty little side war."

Matthews said that he watched Rice back in 2012, right after the Benghazi attacks. He exclaimed that he has read the bipartisan report from the Senate Intelligence Committee on the attacks and that he wholeheartedly believes her narrative. Matthews stated the incidents Rice mentioned that occurred before the embassy attack in Benghazi, in Cairo, were in fact spurred by an anti-Islamic video in California. He then continued, 

So why do Darrell Issa and John McCain and the rest keep yelling 'Benghazi!"? Why do they like to say how much they respect Hillary Clinton... and then continually accuse her of cover-up? Going AWOL in the face of the enemy and God knows what else. Does Issa truly believe that Hillary Clinton ordered American troops who could have tried saving Ambassador Chris Stevens over in Libya to stand down? Why would she do that to her friend? Stephens was her friend? Why would she deliberately let him die? What are you saying Mr. Issa? What are you getting at Senator McCain?

Matthews then said it was all about partisanship.

Is this all the Republicans have? Is this their silver bullet to keep Hillary Clinton from the White House? Is it this dishonest over the top festering over Benghazi?

Matthews welcomed MSNBC host Alex Wagner and frequent guest from Mother Jones, David Corn. Both strongly agreed with Matthews and said Rice was "crucified" by the unfair "right-wing." The trio also stated this is the only talking point Republicans can come up with to try to beat Hillary in 2016.