Matthews Gives Carter Campaign Free Air Time

Matthews talked to Jimmy Carter about his grandson's Georgia gubernatorial race

On Wednesday's Hardball, Chris Matthews giddily interviewed his former boss and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on everything from women's rights to his grandson's race for governor of Georgia, offering a free plug for Carter's grandson Jason. Matthews talked about how he had met the younger Carter when he was on a book tour about his time in the Peace Corps and mentioned the former president must be "very proud."

Matthews asked President Carter how the race was looking for Jason Carter. After President Carter answered he thought he was a great campaigner who would do very well, he used the opportunity to bash the Koch brothers, saying:

His only particular handicap is the ability of Republicans to raise enormous sums of money from the Koch brothers and so forth that will be poured into Georgia to try to shape the outcome of the election. But if he can overcome that difficulty I don't think there's any doubt he'll be governor.

Matthews quickly jumped on the bash-Koch wagon:

Well, we don't have much good to say about the Koch brothers around Hardball... it was an honor to serve you... back in the old days. It's always an honor to watch you and appreciate your role in history!

Jason Carter is likely to run against incumbent Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. Latest polling has Deal pulling ahead of Carter, but the lead is within the margin of error.