Martin Sheen Boasts Filming In Canada Over 'Land of Lunatics'

"They know when I’m there how giddy I am."

Actor Martin Sheen does not live in Canada, nor does he plan to move there. Instead, he enjoys all the perks of the United States and then films in Canada as he labels his own country the "land of lunatics."

That's what Hollywood thinks of you, America.

Speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, Sheen boasted about his filming the PBS revival Anne of Green Gables north of the border, and predictably offered his thoughts on the Trump administration. 

“We were doing so well without any mention of that dark force,” Sheen said, referring to President Trump, according to Deadline“So let’s leave it right there where it belongs. I don’t want to give him any more air time than we have to.”

He clearly hates not only Trump, but his crazy American supporters as well.

“For me, going into Canada, they know when I’m there how giddy I am, and love the country and the culture,” he added. “Canada is still now very much like the culture I grew up with in Dayton, Ohio in the ’50s.”

Like all celebrities who threaten to move to Canada whenever a Republican President takes office, Sheen will not make it his permanent home, disappointing many millions of Americans.