Marco Shrinks to Single Digits

Michigan and Mississippi deal harsh blows.

In no scenario was Marco Rubio expected to win the Republican primaries in Michigan and Mississippi, but neither was he expected to crash and burn into single-digit territory. On Tuesday voters in the two wildly different states both sent Rubio to the bottom of the pile below even John Kasich, results that will raise serious questions about his campaign moving forward.

In Michigan Rubio took just 9% of the vote (as of this writing), while in Mississippi he garnered the support of just 5% of Republican voters. While Idaho was kinder to Rubio, he still failed to cross the 20% threshold candidates need to secure pledged delegates.

Rubio has been fighting off claims, first reported by CNN, that key advisors are telling the candidate to drop out of the race before he loses his home state of Florida. The Rubio campaign spent part of Tuesday fighting back against that report, even appearing on Fox News to accuse the Ted Cruz campaign of dirty tricks.

An email from a Cruz volunteer in Hawaii sent to Republicans ahead of voting pointed to the CNN report and questioned whether Rubio would stay in for the long haul. That is a question that will be asked with increasing frequency in light of the latest results.


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