The March for Life is the Real Womens March

The mainstream media coverage doesn't tell the real story.

Last week, two marches took place. They both purported to be about celebrating women, but one was about empowerment and one was about victimization. One has growing numbers and one has shrinking numbers. From the mainstream media coverage, you would think the great success was the Women's March and the failure was the March for Life, but the reality is exactly the opposite. In fact, the real Women's March is the March for Life. 

The Media Research Center dug into how the networks covered the two events, and I wish I could be surprised at the disparity. ABC and NBC gave a combined 2 minutes and 6 seconds to covering the March for Life (and 1 minute 49 seconds of that was NBC), an event at which one of the speakers was the President of the United States. Part of that coverage was showing the few protesters at the event rather than the enormous crowds there to speak for the unborn. 

This year was the 45th annual March for Life, and one might think that it would decline over the years. Instead, it continues to grow. At the first march, around 20,000 people attended. This year, that number has increased by a factor of five to 100,000 people. While some years have been bigger, there is no doubt that this is an incredible trend. It is estimated that the Women's March, on the other hand, had about half the number of people marching as it did in 2017, their inaugural year. Which side is truly passionate about what it believes?

The March for Life is the march that truly supports women. Sarah Smith, who attended the March for Life said “The women's March tells me I'm a victim of my gender, in need of saving. The March for Life celebrates the inherent empowerment of Womanhood.” Exactly.